Business Surveys Division

Role: The Business Surveys Division is charged with the responsibility of collecting comprehensive information on the industrial sector. This is achieved by conducting periodically a number of surveys of industrial establishments.


  1. Survey of Production and Sales - This survey seeks to obtain monthly information on the industrial sector regarding the level of production and the value of sales. Its main uses are as follows:
    • Production quantity data, collected by the survey, is used in the compilation of a monthly index of industrial production.
    • Production information on selected products is made available to data users and the general public in our publication, the "Monthly Digest of Statistics".
    • Monthly sales data, aggregated for the year, is used by the National Accounts section as a basis for making estimates for National Accounts.
  2. Survey of Industrial Establishments (S.I.E.) - An annual survey is done by mail questionnaire, followed up by field visits. This survey seeks to obtain detailed information on employment, income and expenses. The Industrial Sector covers those establishments involved in the activities of Mining and Quarrying, Manufacturing, the production and distribution of Electricity, Gas and Water, and Construction. Its main uses are:
    • To produce basic statistics on the Industrial sector.
    • To provide data for improving National Accounts estimates.
  3. The Division is responsible for completing tables in the Monthly Digest of Statistics that relate to Financial statistics and to Industrial Production.
  4. Register of Establishments - An electronic database of Industrial Establishments is also maintained.
  5. Nature of Business Survey - This is a short questionnaire which is used as required, to obtain information for updating the Register of Establishments.
  6. Survey of Employment Earnings and Hours - This is conducted quarterly among a sample of establishments, from all the major sectors.


Organization Structure: 
The Division is managed by one (1) Senior Statistician, who is assisted by one (1) Statistician. They organize the conduct of the various surveys, along with the processing of data collected and the dissemination of the results. Other staff are: One (1) Statistician - responsible for the conduct and processing of the Employment, Earnings and Hours Survey. Three (3) Clerical Officers - responsible for data entry, follow-up of data (mainly by telephone/fax) and general office work.

 Publications Produced: 

  • Index of Industrial Production Bulletin.
  • Tabulations / Reports on the annual Survey of Industrial Establishments.

Other Tasks: The Division also responds to requests for Industrial or Production statistics.